The Mental Health and Wellness Policing Summit | A FRA Conference

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November 17-19, 2024


The 2nd Annual Mental Health and Wellness Policing Summit
Identifying and Supporting Mental Health and Wellness to Ensure Occupational Safety


Police departments nationwide continue to search for ways to protect the mental health and well-being of law enforcement personnel as psychological pressures increase on both a personal and professional level.

The 2nd Annual Mental Health and Wellness Policing Summit arms police professionals from across the nation with valuable insights on improving your current practices and securing the safety of your officers. Enjoy a five-star conference experience featuring a top-tier speaking faculty providing practical, compliant, and actionable guidance to advance the mental health, safety, and wellness of your team members.


Who Should Attend

With a wide variety of topics that focus on issues related to the mental health, safety, and wellness of law enforcement professionals, this is the nation's most comprehensive event for police and personnel across all job titles. You can expect to network with:

  • Police Officers & Sheriffs

  • Sergeants

  • Personnel & Recruitment

  • Human Resources

  • Lieutenants

  • Captains

  • Detectives

  • Commanders

  • Deputy Chiefs

  • Dispatchers

Top Reasons to Attend

Here are a few reasons attendees came to our inaugural event:

  1. Learn best practices when implementing a mental health awareness program 

  2. Hear inspiring messages of overcoming trauma from the lens of a first responder 

  3. Discover the value of having a return-to-work policy for officers post traumatic incident 

  4. Learn valuable tactics to introduce knowledge transfer to help peers within your department 

  5. Leave with actionable items related to suicide awareness and substance abuse 

  6. Equip your leaders with tools to change the culture within your department and overcome mental health stigma 

  7. Discuss the importance of physical wellness and its impact on mental health 

  8. Connect with likeminded professionals across the nation, share ideas, and build your professional network 

  9. Learn to capitalize on mental health awareness and support as a retention tool for your most valued professionals 

  10. Explore new approaches to improve mental health by enhancing relationships with family and friends